Christian Browne Cast Iron Console Basin

Vanity Unit

Christian Browne vitreous enameled cast iron console basin.  This basin has been housed in a handmade solid brass legged frame which has been plated in polished nickel.  Christian Browne polished nickel taps and associated fittings which have also been nickel plated to suit, perfecting our client’s remit.

Exposed Pipe Work

Excellence behind every corner

Cast Iron Christian Browne vitreous enameled console basin housed in a solid brass legged stand finished in polished nickel plating.  Plating options are available upon request to ensure that all of our sinks are totally bespoke and meet your individual requirements.

  • Christian Browne

    Christian Browne High Level Toilet System complete with cast iron brackets.  Cisterns can be polished as shown, alternatively can be painted in a finish and colour of your choice.

  • Copper Bath

    Freestanding Christian Browne Polished Copper luxury roll top bateau bath furnishing a Polished Nickel interior.  Christian Browne bath/shower mixer together with standpipes are made by a team of our artisan craftsmen.  Situated in this bathroom alongside the metro style tiles at a 30″/76cm High Duchess which has been finished in Pointing to compliment the bespoke look the client requested.

  • Solid brass plunger

    Christian Browne vitreous enameled cast iron sink with solid polished brass plunger.

  • Christian Browne Sink

    An eclectic mix of textures and finishes lends itself to a harmonious fusion of traditional meets contemporary.  The solid brass legs plated in polished nickel housing a Christian Browne vitreous enameled cast iron sink works unabashed against the Metro style tiles.

4 Column, 20 section 24" High

Nursery room, Cosy & Cute

An achromatic pallet consisting of soft pink and pastel furnishings perfectly compliments the neutrality the owners wished to achieve for their beautiful classic traditional style nursery.  Whitewashed original sanded wooden oak floorboards offset the 24″ High Neo Classic 4 Column by Ideal which has been finished in Pointing.  The Neo Classic 4 column radiator is enhanced with Georgian brushed nickel thermostatic radiator valves (TRV’s), together with luxury pipe shrouds and matching wall stays.

Princess Radiator

The Boot Room

Slate floors, greys and neutral tones within this spacious thoroughfare conveys a homely feel to what would no doubt be otherwise a utilitarian but cosy boot room.  The Princess radiator is known for its efficiency and despite its slender size provides tremendous heat output, whilst maintaining its quintessential charm.  We were delighted to hear from our client that warming up their coats a few moments before they set off for their weekend Country stroll on an Autumn/Winter day has made this radiator their children’s favourite.

  • pinks and neutrals

    Our radiators can be painted in any finish of your choice. Our paint colour matching service is offered at no additional charge.  Whether you prefer to match your radiators to the colour of your walls or wish to go for something more distinguished this is totally achievable.

  • Wooden Bleed Vent

    Wooden bleed vents can be provided upon request.  Hand turned and made from walnut these vents add an additional bespoke requirement that often is overlooked.

  • Georgian Valve

    All of our valves are thermostatic throughout both the Georgian and Sussex ranges.  Pictured here is the Georgian brushed nickel valve which comes with a black wooden head as standard.  As per the client’s request, we have fitted the valve with a hand turned walnut head.

  • 4 Column, 10 section ARC

    Situated in this oak vaulted extension meeting the requirements of the window dimensions is a 10n section 24″ high ARC style 4 column, finished in Elephant’s Breath.

20 sections...

Sometimes, size matters

At 20 sections, this radiator almost reaches our logistical capacity for transporting.  Finished in Charleston Grey this radiator is a statement piece within our client’s lounge.  Period properties are generally not known for their heat retaining properties however an original cast iron radiator will sufficiently meet these requirements.   Original sanded and sealed wooden floors, a symmetrically placed 4 column radiator complete with soft furnishing are synonymous with the ambient family feel the client not only hoped for but achieved for their property.

4 Column

Warm tones, neutral palates and exposed brickwork

We love the way it all comes together in this corner of the home.  Original sanded, sealed hard wood oak floorboards exposed alongside mauve walls drawing out the natural pink tones in the original exposed brickwork adds to the beauty of this vernacular building.  Brilliant white skirting boards intrinsically draws your eye to the floor standing 4 Column 24″ high radiator painted in a metallic black.

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