Our Radiators

Over the years we have built up good relationships with several demolition companies who have access to some of the largest demolition and refurbishing contracts in London and throughout the UK.



Cast Iron Radiators

Where they come from

We have reclaimed over 2000 radiators from the MI5 building and from the MOD building in Northumberland Avenue, which now boasts a 5 star hotel in the heart of London, as well as similar consignments from RAF Lyneham. All these reclaimed radiators came off working systems and have the inherit beauty and durability of their original build quality.

Their Original Glory

The Restoration Process

Once these radiators have been through the restoration process and returned to their original glory not only will you get an excellent radiator built to the highest standard, you will also have the excellent provenance and fantastic history attached to each one. This may be of particular interest to customers who would enjoy the option of choosing where their towel rail radiator has come from, as we have kept a large number of these radiators aside especially to be used in our range of towel rails. Each towel rail radiator will come with a certificate of guarantee and a picture of the source building.

Our Stock

We stock a wide range of original cast Iron radiators. We hold over two thousand high quality antique radiators in stock and can source parts from across the World from our workshops in Sussex. In addition to the range of radiators we display on our website, we are able to source rare and one-off antique radiators for customers looking for something unique and different.

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