Assorted styles of radiators retrieved

  • Driveway

  • Aerial View

Delicate, Decorative & Design

Beautifully molded & decorative ceiling, clearly the focal point of the spacious stairway, complimented with a traditional antique empire style chandelier.

  • Team Work

    Sometimes, on a day like this, a little rest and a quick back-stretch can go a long way

  • Horse Jump Radiators

    We were delighted to find this rare style original cast iron radiator, all be it an incredibly heavy and logistical tricky one to maneuver.

Pallets & Waiting

Once the original radiators are carried out of the building and securely loaded on pallets, we are only half way through their exodus. It is at this point we can appreciate the help of a forklift to stack the pallets onto our removal vehicle.

  • Spiral Staircase

    From this angel we appreciate the elegant black cast iron decorative bannister.

  • Courtyard Water Fountain

    A glorious red brick mansion faced with sandstone.

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